Everyone involved with the best value team has been incredibly friendly and helpful. My appointment with the audiologist was efficient and comfortable. I felt like I was talking with a concerned friend and that I was in very capable hands. She answered all my questions and concerns fully. I would recommend this to anyone. In fact, I have already told my friends and family they should get their hearing checked with Randi Coffey!
djb135, on Google
Professional, quality, careing are only some of the things I have to say. I am extremely pleased with their product and services. This has changed my life in a good way. Personal thanks to the crew. No stress, no strain for a wonderful outcome. Personal thanks , Randi.
Richard Duncan, on Google
I would like to take a moment to tell of my experience with Best Value Hearing. Best Value (West Jefferson) has provided excellent service in Ashe County through the Ashe Senior Center. I would especially like to commend Jon Richardson for his professionalism, his knowledge and his patience in working to make sure that I was properly tested for hearing issues. I credit Jon for the appropriate testing and fitting from the start. When I went in for testing, my assumption was that my only real problem was in separating sounds in noisy situations or where there was background noise. Jon was very helpful in completing the necessary testing to allow me to select the best hearing aids for my needs. I selected the Audibel A3i model which can be controlled by my iPhone. My Audibel hearing aids have never presented problems and have worked well from the start. The iPhone app allows me to use my phone as a remote control. For example, I can change the volume if a situation requires it. Further, I am also able to save volume settings to fit a specific location – such as the sanctuary at church. Also, I can listen to music or other media directly through my hearing aids – anything that can be played on my iPhone or iPad. I go on a regular basis to have Jon check on things, to clean my aids (Jon has this neat little vacuum cleaner to give them a good cleaning) and to get a fresh supply of batteries - part of dealing with Best Value is that they supply batteries for three years. I recently went - after fifteen month - for a check and informed Jon that I believed my hearing needed to be checked. As usual, Jon was patient in doing a re-test and to make the necessary adjustments. Best Value Hearing is definitely a good choice for anyone with hearing loss issue. T. D. Moore, West Jefferson, NC
Troy Moore, on Google
Lynn is the nicest person ,very knowledgeable. Randi is one of the best and very gracious
Janis Cummins, on Google
Virginia has helped me so much,she truly cares about people not just try to sell you something.She helped me get the hearing aid I needed.They we're easy to get used to and you can't tell they are inn your ears.I heard the reason for the first time in years and am able to hear prayer requests in church now.I would advise anyone to deal with this company.Virginia made my journey to hearing so easy answered all my questions,helped me understand the insurance,and taught me what to do to learn to wear my hearing aids faster and without problems.The office staff is so nice when you call ordering was simple.I truly feel blessed to have gone through this journey with Best Value Hearing Care Center.Would recommend to everyone.
Kathy Baldwin, on Google

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